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What We Do

Website Design

We design a variety of custom websites, from informational to e-commerce, based on your design preferences. Our designs are 100% responsive, so they’ll always look their best on any device.

Logo Design & Promotional Materials

We design custom logos based on your business profile and design preferences. We can create a new logo from scratch or refresh your existing logo (GIFs included!). We also design business cards, letterhead, email templates, and social media assets to help you market your business.

Website Development

We develop with WordPress, a powerful platform that allows us to create the perfect online environment for your website. WordPress also has an intuitive content management system (CMS), so you can easily update your website, whenever you want.

Content Creation & Proofing

Need help with messaging? We can write or edit existing content so it’s easy-to-read, well structured, and in the right flow.

SEO Optimization

The first deliverable you will get from us is a mockup of your website. We design your customized website in Photoshop after we understand your goals and needs. We design 100% mobile responsive websites, from standard informational sites to online stores.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Manage campaigns – find your target, spend smart dollars, higher conversion. Design banner ads Ads copy. Get your Free AdWords Audit or Free Facebook Ads Audit.

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Once your website is up and running, we’ll teach you how to make updates, promote it on Google and social media, and measure your results. We can meet in-person (if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area) or online via video chat.


We specialize in WordPress coaching, MailChimp coaching, Google Analytics and Google AdWords (Google Certified).

Hosting, Maintenance & Support

We can host and maintain your website plus your email accounts. We monitor uptime 24/7, take proactive security measures, run weekly software and security updates, and optimize page load and image compression. We also have dedicated support time for content, styling and other changes.

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Services FAQ

Why MIA to SF instead of a DIY website builder (Squarespace, WiX, etc.)?

A website builder for $30/month will get you a decent website, but not a great one. Using a template from a website builder can result in:


A generic look – everybody using the same templates, making it difficult to stand out


Limit your business opportunities an unprofessional look and weak structure may detract potential customers


Time and frustration – trying to figure out how to make your website look great can take a significant amount of time that you could otherwise allocate to your business. Time is our most precious asset. Even though it’s no longer 2005, web designers and developers using top-notch tools still spend countless hours creating websites that look and function seamlessly

How long does it take to design and develop a website?

Most websites take us between 4-8 weeks. The timeline is based on a number of components, including: content readiness, number of pages, number of unique page templates, number of revisions, number of stakeholders, and number of unique functionalities and their level of complexity. Content readiness means there is pre-existing content available for use on your new website.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is significantly more powerful and flexible than Squarespace, WiX or any other DIY competitor. The platform allows us to build custom websites according to your specific vision, versus being relinquished to a static template. WordPress CMS is also intuitive and easy to use, so you can make basic updates on your own once the site is live.


“WordPress runs 35% of the internet!” codeinwp.com


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So what will I get with MIA to SF that I can’t get with a DIY website builder (Squarespace, WiX, etc.)?

Unique and professional website – one that represents you and your brand


Complete customization -so you can fully express your vision – your way


100% responsive design – your website will look great on any device


Ongoing support – we can help down the road with content and styling updates, bug fixes, and other maintenance issues


More time – to focus on your own business or do things you enjoy doing 🙂

How do you determine pricing?

Most of our websites range from $3K-$6K, depending on the scope of the project. Pricing components are similar to the ones that dictate our timeline: content readiness, number of pages, number of unique page templates, number of revisions, and number of unique functionalities and their level of complexity. We are also happy to discuss payment plans as well as larger, more complex websites.

Can you train me on other online tools?

You betcha! Contact us about any type of software you want to learn about, from social media tools to marketing campaign managers, etc.

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